Well after about 2 hours of wondering how to post a footer o finally get the chance to do that.I was tryin’ to make a spiral but i got this ideea instead and made it a footer.Tell me what ya think boyz and girlz :sure:

[swf=“http://oddin.adv.ro/footer1.swf height=60 width=300”][/swf]

[swf=“http://oddin.adv.ro/footer2.swf height=60 width=300”][/swf]

edited by jubba: I added your second to your original post. No reason to be different than anyone else. :slight_smile:


Like the smoke effect,but i m a non smoker :stuck_out_tongue:


Very impressive specially smoke one !!!:slight_smile:

and ya, i kno it’s orignal too…
Man the background u have on ur flash site is yukk scary $H i i T :stuck_out_tongue:

:crazy: got it from my work mate’s PC:nerd: