Oddness with </p> and External Text

Hello all,

I am having a problem with external text and style sheets. For some reason, when I end a paragraph with </P> the text after that is cut off. The strange thing is, it works for some copy, generally the first <p class… call. I can close that, but then I’ll have one after the next block of copy and everything is lost.

Here’s my code that I am using and an example of the copy that is loading incorrectly.

var myStyle:TextField.StyleSheet = new TextField.StyleSheet();
output.styleSheet = myStyle;

output.multiline= true;
output.wordWrap = true;
output.html = true;
output.selectable = true;

var story:XML = new XML();
story.ignoreWhite = true;
story.onLoad = function () {    
    output.htmlText = story;

Here’s the text.


<p class="title">TITLE</p><br>
<p class="bodyCopy">SUBHEAD</p>

<p class="bodyCopy">Body copy goes here.

<p class="headline">List<br>
  <span class="headline_smallGrey">One a</span><br>
<p class="wheretobuylist">List Item<br>

<span class="headline_smallGrey">Two</span><br>
<p class="wheretobuylist">List Item<br>


So, if I add at </p> to the end of <p class=“bodyCopy”>Body copy goes here., everything else gets cut off. In fact, if I add a </p> pretty much anywhere it will get cut off. So the question is, what is going on here. how can I control the CSS styles? Thanks!

always close your tags. If you need extra space, use another br or keep condenseWhite = false for the textfield so your line returns are read.

Ahh, I think not having condenseWhite = false may be the problem. Let me take a look.