Off-roading game so far

This is part of my off-roading game i have to make for school, its only a little bit done. i do have a couple things im stuck on. 1.) i cant get the Jeep and rock to Hittest. i want the jeep to shake when it goes over the rock 2.) also im gunna have some of the rocks get the jeep stuck, and when that happens youll be able to use a winch to pull your self out by pushing space, so my question is can a stoped movie clip play when space is pushed? thanks so much for any help

a couple of suggestions:

  1. Use _rotation to turn your car.
  2. Have some hittests on the side of the track so you dont go off into the bush.

heres the FLA, copy paste-

hmmm why did you make it so complicated it would have been alot easier if you would have made it simple but effective coz that script is huge yet useless and im working on getting it to work just it taking time becouse it is all messed (the script)

Post the code in here… it may be huge… But I’ll be able to help you out that way then… and provide a .swf for my to look at a well…

Too lazy to post the code then I’m lazy as well… :smiley:

Sound fair? :slight_smile:

heh nice Idea Marz

:slight_smile: I’ll be able to help out faster if I have the actual code… they have 10,000 characters to post it… and the only script I’ve ever seen that was over 10,000 chaacters was my Space Frontier game in C++ (12,500 lines of HELL 125,000 characters)

SO post em on here big boy!