Official MYST thread!

AH! :stuck_out_tongue:

Who here’s a Myst fan besides me? =)

I love Myst, Riven, Exile and URU, I finished URU a few days ago, and there are rumours that Myst 5 will appear min 2004! :wink:

WOO! :stuck_out_tongue:

I got the trilogy thing with Myst, Riven, and Exile. I like puzzle games, but i just don’t like how this game plays. The use of pre-rendered backgrounds isn’t very appealing to me. I do like playing the game though :wink:

I love the pre-rendered backgrounds… So much more detail…

URU however is pure 3d, u might want to look into that :wink:

altho URU is short/easy, URU live have 8 times what URU single have.

So many new worlds… :frowning: It’s a ***** I don’t have to dough for URU live…

oh…I thought URU was solely gonna be an online game. Didn’t know there was a single player campaign.

btw, have you heard about Broken Sword: Sleeping dragon? Heard it’s a pretty good puzzle game.

Myst is a cool game. I saw a new version on tv. Inn a 3d world a click and point game. looks cool.

I played Riven with my Mother. I enjoyed it quite a bit, as it was one of the last things we did together, when she lived with me.

I’ve seen ads on TV for the new one, but I’m not so hot to try it for some reason…