Officially back!

That’s it ! I’ve done it till Singapore alive. Now I’ve got my comp back and a good Internet connection. And Flash, of course. I’m so happy I had to say it :-\

pom :asian:

Sweet… me too. I’ve been slacking off lately.

Glad things are all working for ya.

WOHOOO!! Welcome back pom :slight_smile: (again)

Kirupa :rambo:

Welcome back!


Hooray! I was wondering where you went…

Welcome back brother. :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody wipes tears. Been travelling mostly. Not much to say. By the way Jubby, where are you ? You don’t seem to post so much…

pom :asian:

i’ve been really busy with work.

I guess it’s a good thing… By the way, how’s the site ? Finished yet ?

pom :asian: