Load movie and certain scene

Hello there,
I was wondering if you could help with a flash question.

I have made a slightly complicated movie-menu system for a portfolio.
I was making separate .swf’s but had problems linking them.

So I combined some.

I combined an intro movie into scene 1. I added the menu system to scene 2.

From Scene 2 you can select objects on my menu. One object that I could not include was a 122 layer flash movie. So when you click this button it loads the flash movie. The movie goes fullscreen then when finished goes back to the original file and closes itself. The problem is that I do not want it to go to the intro movie from scene 1. Is there a way to load the original movie AND send it to scene 2?

Thank You if you can help,
Royce Bean

think you could simply add a
gotoAndPlay(“Scene name”, framenumber);
at the end of your mc

I’ve tried to add

loadMovieNum(“mainmovie.swf”, 0);
gotoAndStop(“Scene 2”, 1);

I’ve also tried this example:
If my movie has the url


then the only scripting you need in frame 1 is:

if(label eq “”){ //no label set, jump to the beginning of the movie

Referring website: http://www.bokelberg.de/actionscript/23.html

Still no luck…