Ok.. I need a hand again with php to mysql

… I’m looking for one of the old timers here that I can trust to look at four php files, and two flash files for me. Trust basicaly states that I will not send it to just anyone. Pom or Jubba or eyez or thor or anyone else I know well.

This is the situation. I have two flash swfs which are forms from different parts of my site. They are built off of the same exact principals, both send their data to a php file which writes to two different tables in the same db. The problem is, one works and one doesn’t. I know it has to be something really simple because both are almost identical. Let me know who would like to take a look at these files for me. I’d appreciate any time someone could put in on this.

send :slight_smile:
[email protected] (remove the spam thing of course)

ok… I’ll pack it up in a zip and send it out when I get the chance. Thanks for the help.

Eyez why do you put that NOSPAM thing in there?

I think he’s just telling people not to spam his address?

well i figured that, but I was curious if there was some other reason, like searches that pick up e-mail addresses on forums or something like that…

yes! =)

Sorry I haven’t gotten that done yet Eyez… I’ve been sleeping a lot. I have a cold.

no pb, in fact me too, sadly not as much sleep as i’d like / need with the kids…whenever you’re ready, just mail…

dude let me check it too

what problems are you running into?


Sorry man… it’s for one set of eyes only. I’m getting to the point where I can start charging for things like this and I really don’t want my guestbook floating around in too many places.


I don’t need to build a guestbook, i already built a forum
all in php. i’ve been doing php and flash for the past year. Don’t trip

I’m not triping. I just stated at the beginning of the post that I would only allow a person who I have known for a while, and then only one. No offence to you sir. I’m sure you are a very good programer. Hopefuly, I’ll have some questions that you can answer in the future. Any help will certainly be appreciated in that regard.

My pardons if I’ve insulted you, that was not my intention at all.

it’s all good. no offense takin’. always remember: CODITO ERGO SUM which means I code, therefore I am.

lol… you should request that as a custom title under your name.