Ok, i suck at this stuff so

if anybody can help me, it would be great.

What I want to happen here is to have the menu on the screen initially shrink up and move to the top left, then on a rollover i want it to return to its larger size and to the center of the screen. Then on a click to the center logo, i want it to go back once again to the top left and shrink.

If anybody wants to help, I’ll post the .fla


Hi Fusion,

I’m new to this too, but something like this will start you out - name your invisible button: menu_btn and name the menu clip: menu .

What I have here does not work too well but is sort of a way to go. This targets the movie clips. I think your mcs need to be structured a bit differently (the onRollOut is what plays hell, probably should be onRelease, since we are assuming that after the menu “grows”, it will be clicked).

Also, get rid of the duplicate labelling in the menu mc. Good luck, it looks good.

menu_btn.onRollOver = function() {
menu_btn.onRelease = function() {

Thanks for the help subquark. Unfortunately, I’m still having problems.

I’ll post another version of the .fla, which I think may be a bit easier to follow and navigate. So once again, I really need help with this, and all help will be greatly appreciated.


ps. the person that helps out the most will get a free song or two or three or four from my band. And if that person ever goes to one of our shows, I’ll see to it that they get in for free :wink:

Here it is, its working, tell me what you think. if you have any question , just ask,

hope i could help… :smirk:

thank you so much Soulty. If you want, IM me sometime (Fusion1221) and I can hook you up with a few songs.

no probs, do you understand the fla though?

there were a few errors in your methods, if you would like to know what i did, i can email you , or post it here.

thanks for the song offer though i would have to get it off you another time, since iam at my bandwidth limit , so internet is running slow.

PS: just when mousing over the menu to expand it, you can change the mouse action from

on (release) {


on (rollOver) {

this will allow you to rollover the menu to active the expand.

glad i could help :smirk:

yeah, i understood the .fla no prob. It’s just that I’m still learning, this is only week 2 of flash for me. Heh, your suggestion for the rollover was the very first thing I changed when I dl’d the file. As for the songs, they’re all glued to my hd, so when/if you want them, there here :slight_smile:

Thanks again,

Ok, im having the same basic problem again, only this time with a different movie and button.

Basically what I want to happen, is for the movie clip ‘see’ to play the frames labeled ‘first’ when I click any of the buttons on the menu.

The fla is too big to post here, so here’s a link to it…


any and all advice will be greatly appreciated as always.


hey dude, all u have to do is give the movie which holds the next and start and first a instance name .

so then you can call the movie and then use the frame label technique , the code would go something like this if you call the movieclip with the next and start tweens “window”.

on (release) {

this action would be on the button.

Ok, I am officially AS retarded…

I still cant seem to get it working, and I know I must be doing something completely farking brain dead…I’m about to kick my computer right in the A drive…

Man your not a retard , your still learning, its takes time and patience and alot of tutorials for you to become comfortable with action scripting,

My advice is to do as much tutorials as you can, the ones here on kirupa are well written and explain what most of the code does and why, before you can create some intresting animation is best that you are comfortable with the basics.

I hope you understand what i mean, just stick with it, and you will get it sooner or later.

and yeah here is the fla to your problem.


-there were a few things with your file, in the ‘see’ movie where you have the tweens next and first, you have 2 many stop actions, though this is not a problem its just that its not needed, there is one layer for action that all that is needed, you dont have to apply stop on each layer.

  • with the code you had before, you wearnt calling the frame label from the right movie, because you just said go to the frame,
    it was looking in the movie where you have the buttons on your navigation, this is why you needed to give the movie ‘see’ a instance name , so it can be called from anyplace in the flash movie.

for example, the buttons are nested in a movie called menu.

so if you did the same action that you attempted, it will look for frame labels in that movie clip. so in order to reach the one you want you need to let flash know that you are targetting to that ‘see’ movie clip that we gave a instance name of ‘window’,

which in result is

on (release) {

_root : this is telling flash to go back to the main timeline

.window : this is the movieclip we are targetting

.gotoAndPlay : this is the action we are telling it to do

(“next”); : this is the framelabel we are calling

hope you understand, if not just look around for some tutorials that better explain this that i do.

good luck.

Ok, this is the last thing I am gonna need help with on this…

What I was trying to do, was to have a dynamic text field load in the center of my movie, in front of the other layers, when a certain movie clip reaches a certain keyframe. This text is also located in a different scene. So far, I have tried many different commands, the latest resembling something like…
_root.homet.loadScrollContent(“homey”) ;

…but I know that’s not what I need. If somebody could just give me a push in the right direction for this one, I’d be greatful. (Plz note that any an all persons that help me will get recognition on my band’s site, and if you have a website for which you would like a link posted, I would also do so).

Thanks again,


ok, I still cant get this working…here’s the latest i’ve tried

on (release) {
_root.createEmptyMovieClip(“container”, 1);
loadMovie(“abcd.swf”, “container”);
container._x = 400;
container._y = 309;

If anybody can help me…please do so…im stuck

why do you have the text in a different scene?

i dnt really understand what your trying to do, explain a bit more then i can see if i can help

and post the fla , so i can check it out

Ok, I dunno if you still have that last .fla I posted, but I can explain what I am trying to do with that one.

Basically, with the links on the menu, instead of linking to another site, I just want a different frame/file to pop up in the center of the background picture (the black rectangle in the center). All I really need to know is how to get it there.

Sorry if this isnt more descriptive of what I need, but it’s the best I can do right now.

why dont u use frame labels on the main timeline and then just use the same actions u used before.