I really SUCK at Menu's!


This should be simple… really simple… but I cannot get it to work!

So if you wanna help… here is the problem.

Check out this link…

ok… here is the problem. I cannot get the initial rollover to stay in the “rollover” state. Notice when you mouse over main menu, then mouse over test1, if you notice the mainmenu button stays in the “rollover state”. Yet, when you mouse over “test2” and test3, it goes back down.

And for the main menu effect, I am just simply using the blur effect found here.

Any help or Ideas would be great…

J.J. Mancini

beautiful!! i really like that modern effect there.

just get it to work, and itll be PERFECT.


I will let you know when the whole site is done… .In fact, as soon as this menu is done, the whole site **will ** be done!

Thanks again!

how are you creating your rollover state? I can help you, but i need to know this first.

Awesome! Thanks natronp!

For the “main menu” button, I am using the following code…

        dir = 0;
        speed = 6;
        original._alpha = 0
        this.onRollOver = function()
                dir = 1;
        this.onRollOut = function()
                dir = -1;
        useHandCursor = false;
        temp = original._alpha + speed*dir;
        original._alpha = Math.min(100,Math.max(temp,0));

That AS controls a movie called “assembled”, and inside that movie is another movie that is called “original”.

Now the actual test buttons are on different movie clips. “Test1” is normal Dynamic Text with an HTML link sittin on a different layer but inside the movie “Original”. “Test2” and “test3” are both on a movie OUTSIDE of the AS controlled “assembled” and “Test2” is dynamic text html hyperlinked and “test3” is a button with a normal rollover state that adds a background on rollover.

Yet it is obvious that “test1” does not work, but when it is rolled over the “mainmenu” state is still on rollover. Versus the other 2 (test2, test3) that when they are rolled over the “mainmenu” button goes down.

So that is my problem…
I need the “main menu” to stay in the rollover state and the links to work.

Thanks so much!

J.J. Mancini

when you mouse over the “Main Menu” button did you want the test 1, test 2 and test 3 text to already be there or did you want those to fade in on mouse over aswell?

I would like those to fade in on mouseover.
That is the ideal situation!

Thanks deadfred!

Hey natronp… I private messeged you the .fla file if you would like to chack it out. Would you like a pm also with the link deadfred?

Thanks again guys! You’re awesome!

uhh yea please, I think I might be able to help in some way. If not, then I apologise in advance

Sure Man!
That would be great if you could help in any way… This has really been gettin me stuck!
The PM is sent!

J.J. Mancini