Ok - I'm stuck - tween/path/curve/ question

So it’s been about 6 months of learning Flash - and I’m stumped at the most simplest of things I’m sure.

See this http://logosprint.com/ the flash intro is a generic template I’ve seen on many.

The rectangles follow a path.

I know how to create the path, make an object follow the path, blur the object respectfully.

But I don’t know how to conform the object to the path so that it looks like it is stretching and curving to the path.

AND I need to know if this can be done with a raster image vs the vector image.

Aka: I have a client who thinks that is really neet and wants their logo to come zooming in stretch around a curve and tada! apear to the user. I think, since we are in the process of rebranding their logo and image for their new scion location, that it would work well with the plan we have for the website.

I just need to know how. And I know it’s probably just a bit of AS or tween that I just haven’t figured out yet. I’d prefer not to keyframe the whole animation if at all possible.

Pointers helpful, tutorials earn you a gold star.

edit to add: I’ve searched on this site for aobut an hour. As well as searching google practically the whole weekend. Learned some really cool tips and tricks - just not the one I’m looking for.