Omg free .com ! lol real.:) swear it

yes its true i signed up for this thing. filed some survays and boom. (fake info):slight_smile:
and the domain i didnt think i was ganna get it so i just got a random name

later i got a e-mail. and it said your domain is ready. enjoy

i was like omg. so if ya want your own free domain go to

then sign up. feel the 2 top survays with bogus info:) and boom. dont be live me? here is a screen shot.

image is really big. make take time to download:) 100% swear i got it:)

hey buddy, you have a little **** smeared over your e-mail address.

u cant see that spamer lol ahahah. also they blocked whois networks. odd. well here is where the domain buyers are

u need to type some number in or combo

hm…this sounds real, but i sense something fishy…

well i didnt belive it tell i saw the dns info on it stell needs to load. but i well show u when its all set up. i well have it say on the page. “i love all you kirupa kids”

The dot coms you get must be huge. Who the heck wants to type them? And why would they just do this for free? What’s the catch?

But anyways - this sounds real, but yes I smell tuna.

it dosnt have to be big. i type thats for the hell of it.

u can get any domain

hell . i am ganna turn my proxy on. then get and donate it to kirupa:)

the catch is. u feel this servuy out. (no crdit card needed)

u gotta do the 1st 2 on the top. cuzz only one gives u the points dont know what one. but ya. it takes like 5 min:)

just wait until tomorrow, you will have an inbox filled with spam. No way they can just hand out domains like peanuts at a baseball game… like stated above, there is a catch.

Hmm, I’d just make a new account over at yahoo and sign up with that email, activate it using that email, and just leave that email their forever :stuck_out_tongue: without touching it. I still have my gmail one and outlook express one.

But still, this is a huge salmon :bad:!

i used one of my 3 gmail acounts to do this. i dont have any e-mails in there but 2. and that was the one used to make my acount and the one to tell me i own the domain now

use accounts.
you can enter [email protected]
view the mail there (if you want to)
and it will be deleted withing some days

[ot]I found a Gmail invite in a Mailinator account one day. :pleased:[/ot]


fishy or not I suppose it is worth a try that would be awsome if the hosting option was real as well.

can’t use it, there site has audio and then I have to turn off my music :frowning: :P, they lost one customer very quickly :smiley:

is it just .coms or can you get others (like .nets, and .ccs)

appearently others as well, he said he’d get and donate it to kirupa

they offer .com .net .org

the hosting dosnt work. just get the domain and set the dns or the web forwarding and have fun:)

ah poo., .net, and .org are all taken. blast it all.

(edit: yay - 2400!)

BAh! is taken!