Omg free .com ! lol real.:) swear it

wouldn’t they just spam every email address for the domains registered through them?

there is no spam **** why dosnt any one belive stuff like this is possble.

lol, seems they are being bought out. we’ll see how long this free service lasts :wink:

in other news, let’s see if i can get

what the heck, how can it be free, someone let me know if they find out some catch

there are no terms and conditions at the base of the page either

and you can’t get points as none of the links work

worked today for me. also the dns has been set and worked:) its just not set for my state yet. for where the server is it has added it.

once it works here it is u well see the cool message;)

i was just gonna ask if they have no terms and conditions or any type of agreement… they can do what ever they want in the near/far future, big problem!

ok man come on. i know it didnt say this before i signed up. i even did a cheack my self:)

haha, what a scam

there is no scam.

oh, i thought that it tried to make you buy it, oops.

i was just showing that its been paid for. now can i please use yer bunny:) he is so **** cute

yeah i told you you could hehe

Ok, don’t make fun of me. What’s this DNS server thing? How do I find it out from my host (

This is sad that I don’t know what a DNS server is… :frowning: lol

(Isn’t a DNS server like or something?)




Ok thanks, I think I got it…

I used

This is really awesome! Thanks!!!

GAAAH there MUST be a catch somewhere! Does anyone have a clue what it is?

the only catch is that you have to feel out a survay.:slight_smile: and wait a cuple days. thats it.

for me, an unusable site :stuck_out_tongue: