On Line Learning

Would be interested in having someone (for a fee) walk me through a simple site layout…having trouble in this area .I am new to flash.I think we could do this using an instant messenger service.
I can do html but just can’t seem to get the picture using flash

I think someone should be writing a tutorial about that. We’re talking about doing it for so long that I think I’ll do it.

I don’t know what are Kirupa’s ideas on the subject, so I don’t want to start something if he’s already halfway through.

Anyway it’s long, Steve, so you’ll have to wait a bit before it’s done.

pom :asian:

In the meantime, I’ll be happy to help you. Just send me an email or private message in here.
No fee necessary. Although, I will only cover basics for a very simple site, just to get you started. The rest of the homework is up to you :slight_smile: