Tutorial Topic Suggestions?

Hello everyone,\rDoes anyone have any suggestions for tutorials that should be posted on the site? I don’t want to write about topics that everyone already knows hehe. If you have a tutorial request, don’t hesitate to post it. All the future tutorials I write will be based largely upon your input!\r\rThanks,\rKirupa

Usability !! Making a good menu, laying out the site, loading stuff since Jubba doesn’t seem to want to write that one… That kind of thing would be great.\r\rpom 0]

Pom, i was looking thru the tuts, and theres a load movie tut on the site already. i dont’ know if thats what you were expecting from me? if not then I’ll write another one. but take a look at it.

OK this is what I need…ready… I have an image that goes in the center of the menu, the menu goes around the pic in a circle, when I roll over the subject that I want to click, I want the menu to turn until that words is straight and the pic to change to whatever the subject is… \r\rthe menu is a circle that turns when you roll over the subject and at the same time the picture inside the circle changes.\r\rGot it ??

Ya know what would be a cool ‘ongoing’ tute Kirupa? And it would greatly help me in my rut and Im sure a great many others;\r\rShow us how to build a site with Flash 5, MX, little by little, using dreamweaver as the base HTML page so we not only know how to use Flash but also know how to incorporate all of this into a Dreamweaver format; That would be really cool and in the end make all of us a lot better web builders, don’t you agree?\r\rpj

I hear ya Phil!\rI am going to create something such as that; hence the reason I have a Usability section on my site. It will cover how to create a full Flash site from the beginning.\r\rWhen school is out for summer break, I am going to embark on a 10-15+ page tutorial on creating a fully functional Flash site with a ‘demo’ Flash site that I will create. I can’t wait! :slight_smile: \r\rCheers,\rKirupa

what about my menu ??? can you respond to my suggestion ?

Totally cool. I can hardly wait kirupa. Kamello, I know someone with a site similar to your idea. Let me see if I can find it.\r\rpj

Oups Jubba, you’re right. Anyway, that’s a tute about loading into level. There are 2000 other things to explore : loading into target, loading variables… I can do one part if you don’t feel like doing everything.\r\rpom 0]


Hey Rennigirl-\r Your a girl of few letters…Doh\r\rpj

I’m still waiting…can any help me with my idea of a menu that I posted above

About the central picture : make it a movie clip with the instance name * picture* and as many keyframes as menu topics. You can give labels to those frames to make it easier.\r\rThe buttons : put them inside movie clips, and give the buttons the code

 on (rollOver) {_root.picture.gotoAndStop("label");}

Also give the rotation code to all your buttons movie clip. Do you know how to do that ?\r\rpom

not really, with flash,…but Can I use swish ? \r\rhow much would you charge for something like that ?

u.dailynews.com/ on the top left of this link there is something like what I want, but the buttons have to rotate and the pic. change

you have to use flash for something like that. Swish doesn’t have the actionscript for something like that. Also, this really isn’t the thread to post your questions about this. Try the Flash ActionScript forum. there are many ways to do this. Make the buttons into one movieclip that will rotate around the central movie clip when it is pressed. that is done using tellTarget and maybe some variables. You need a basic grasp of actionscripting and instances to do something like this.

I’d love to see a site walkthrough for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.\r\rI can do tuts 'till I’m blue in the face, it’s just putting it all together that makes me lose my hair.\r\rMaybe some stuff on PHP and secure sites also…more dynamic interaction and interaction with html files.\r\r\rt2d

Well, interaction with PHP looks really great. I’ll try to steal Eyez’s book, and then make a few tutorials about it. I don’t think it was made for MX though…\r\rpom 0]

alright, kamello. an answer to your prayers. i’m gonna try to make a tutorial on a dynamic menu. this menu is totally customizable (to a certain extent) meaning you can change the number of items, the links, etc. by just changing some code. (yikes, i said code). Actionscript will be heavily involved with this, so everyone be prepared. also, as i do with my other tutorials (yeah, all 2 of em), i’ll guide you all through the script line by line telling you what each line does. so watch out for a new tutorial hopefully in two days. anyway, gotta start!

Kirupa, you can write detailed tutorials on how to do all those cool movies with contiuous moving objects we find on your site. I really love the ones with squares.