On(release) not working in loadMovie, please help!

Dear all, I made one swf with on(release) script working perfectly by itself, but when it is being loaded into another swf with loadMovie script, it failed to work. I tried for a long time but couldn’t find a way to due with that, please help

I GUESS this is the matter of level, _root, _parent, _this

I’ve made 2 swf’s. One is the content consists of a scrollable bar of thumbnails at the bottom, using on(release) going to play particular content on the stage. The other one is navigation with a movieclip named “connn” where the previous swf being loaded into it.

For the contents swf, I’ve this script on each of the thumbnail


which framename is marked on the top level of the flash, with a movie clip of a couple of images swaping. And this work perfectly. (please see: [http://mr-otto.com/wd/services_web.html"]http://mr-otto.com/wd/services_web.html[/URL] / source file: http://mr-otto.com/wd/services_web.zip](http://[URL))

For the navigation thing, I’ve this script


which load the content into the movie clip named “connn”. It got no problem loading the swf in but I discover that after it is loaded, the thumbnail script of the content failed to work. (please see: [http://mr-otto.com/wd/services.html"]http://mr-otto.com/wd/services.html(http://[URL)] under WEB/INTERACTIVE > websites)

I guess that is the problem of the _root. thing and perhaps changing this I can have it work as perfect as it can be even being called in another swf. PLEASE HELP and many many many thanks.