On transitions tutorial and variables

Hi Folks,

New to actionscript and attempting to get a handle on variables. I am spending time on the tutorial at http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx2004/transitions2.htm

I found this whole tutorial very enlightening and I am exploring some concepts with it.

I am perplexed. On the first button there is some actionscript. I modified it as follows:

on (release)
[INDENT]if (_root.currMovie == undefined)
_root.currMovie = “section1”;
trace(_root.currMovie );
trace (container.midframe);
[INDENT]else if (_root.currMovie != “section1”)
if (container._currentframe >= container.midframe)
_root.currMovie = “section1”;

Notice I added two traces. The first trace printed out what I expected "section1.swf’(without the double quotes). But I expected container.midframe to print out 78 which it did not. I assume section1.swf(where midframe was assigned a value) was loaded onto the main page,played and hence assigned the value of 78 to midframe.

Can someone explain to me what concepts I am missing here and where I can go learn those concepts?

All the best,