Once Upon A time in Mexico

How bad was it?

Personaly, I think it was a holocaust!

If it wasnt for Jonny Depp it would have been a holocoaust during a plague infestation…

In the story, everyone has to avenge someone… his wife, his freind, his dog, his chili dog… whatever… just as long as it avenges someone… and apperantly no one in mexico can hit a broad side of a barn with a fully automatic weapon.

You absolutley need a scene where guys on color-coded bikes attack you out of no where, without the slightest explenation what they will do with they bikes? (Leave tire marks, I dunno?)

Also, the story tries to play the three main guys, Banderas and his partners as Mexicos heroes, so let me get this straight…
Mexicos heroes are a Murdering Drunk, a Murdering Psycho, and a Murdering Man-Whore?

And of course the movie wont be complete without someone yelling in a high-pitched voice: ** vival la revolution ** even thought they were not revolting, quite the opposite actualy.

Anyway , I can go on for ever, but I like to know what you people think…

(Btw, I like the scene where Johny Depp shoots the cook :beam:)