No Smoking in indian/bollywood movies

Well its official now, no smoking scenes in any movie, telivision programs and stuff, completly banned…

i wonder whats the alternative to that now…i mean they cant show a villian drinking all the time too… he’ll at that rate he ll die even before climax :lol:

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for those who dont know about indian cinema, well its dramatically drama based :lol:hero never miss a shot and villian never makes one and villian has to look bad in whole of the movie, drinking, smoking, rape scenes with hot babes and heroins and stuff like that, all and all villian have fun till the climax and hero keeps on struggling :lol: and its only at the end of the movie tht hero wins…told ya…complete drama…anyways smoking has to do a lot with villains reputation.
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just wondering and it’d be interesting to see a movie without some chimney villian :lol: