i want to make an onClipEvent(enterframe); , but flash won’t let me. its disabled. perhaps because im on the main timeline? anybody know how to do it another way?

You can only put the onClipEvent on a movie clip, hence the name on[color=red]Clip[/color]Event!

But if you are using Flash MX and want to place the code on your main timeline use this:

**intanceName.onEnterFrame = function() {

o i c, but any other way to do it? i want to do something when the it starts playing the frame…

ok,thanx a lot!!!

I’m a lil confused on what you are talking about, are you wanted that frame to loop the code executing it every frame like the onClipEvent(enterFrame) {}? Or do you just want the code executed once?

i want when the playhead crosses the frame, to be able to execute teh code

in the code u gave me, what would i place under instance name? _root?

So in other words I suppose you want that code executed only once, thats easy! Just place the code you want on the frame you want, lets say you want to put the action gotoAndPlay(2); on frame 3, open up your actions panel if it already isn’t (F9) and enter the code:


im so stupid…
lol, thanx!!!

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