One Source for all Computer Updates?

Hey everyone,
Does anyone know of a site that scans your computer and puts all relevant updates on one screen for you to download? I’m looking for something similar to WindowsUpdate but for all applications on your PC.

In the mid/late 90’s, there were two services called CatchUp (by Manageable Software) and by ZDNet/Cnet. Later, ZDNet acquiired CatchUp, but a few years later, they got rid of the service altogether. I had to manually search for updates at various sites :frowning:

Both of those services would scan your PC using a small application, compare the version numbers of key files to that in their database, and provide the links to download updated programs such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, drivers for hardware I had no idea existed, patches for applications I did not know existed, etc.

Does any such service exist today?

Kirupa :egg:

I don’t mean to be synonymous to a donkey, but what’s wrong with going through your Add/Remove Programs and updating each one manually?

I’ve looked but couldn’t find software that did this kind of thing.

I don’t mind using it manually, but it is just a whole lot easier to use something that does your work for you :stuck_out_tongue:

I did manage to find something that mentioned [color=blue]Catch-Up though[/color] (yay!)