Online Data Entry Job?

Okay so my friend recently found a job listing online for online data entry. It seems real weird, and sorta ‘iffy’. The job basically requires that one take orders sent to you in an email, and then somehow process them, and then send the orders back. This sounds weird cause, if they’re al;ready on the computer, why do we need to do anything to them? Oh well. My friend emailed the person and she said you get paid 20 dollars per order into a paypal account, and you get to process as many orders as you want. The orders take between 15-20 minutes a piece (so she said). The only thing is their is apparantly a one time fee for some ‘training package’. We don’t yet know the cost of the package. But we decided if it’s something real small, it might not be a bad idea just to give it a shot. But of course, if it’s like 900 dollars… :stuck_out_tongue:
So has anyone ever heard of something like this going well, or experienced it firsthand?