onLoadError event won't work on server. What now?

Hi everyone,

I’ve created a moviecliploader in my website which loads the pictures according to the project. I’ve used the onLoadError event for detecting the last picture per project and hence go back to the first one again. This way, I never need to worry about how many pictures I put in. On my own computer and on my local server everything works fine, but if
I upload the website to my provider account the onLoadError won’t work.

I’ve searched on a lot of forums and it seems that some servers don’t communicate the 404 error with flash, hence my flash site will never know if there’s a load error. The result is a white screen with no picture in it. Which kind of s#cks! :slight_smile:

My questions:

  1. Can I solve this problem with Flash programming (I’ve used AS 2.0)
  2. If not, what other method can I use to detect whether or not a .jpg exists? Or a different method so that flash will ‘know’ how many pictures a project has.

thanks a lot in advance!!