Bug/Quirk report

Was working on a dynamic image gallery the other day to present a comic strip that a friend of mine produces. Using the MovieClipLoader.loadClip to bring them in on a mouse click. Fine no problems there once I had ironed out the wrinkles.

The problem occurred when I decided to add some error check to ensure that the file requested by the loadClip method actually existed, using the onLoadError. It worked as expected when running in the Flash player or in the browser on my desktop, but once I had posted it to my web server, no more workee. In fact what it did was flip the numbers in the file name around and loaded that image instead! Confusion resulted and I can only summise that it is some glitch with HTTP requests or something along those lines.

For those who wanna check this out, I’ve posted an example online where you can download the example zip and a link to the prototype comic strip loader to see what I am up to :p. I’ve reported this macromedia who have the example link so may have some news on this soon. If anyone else has anything to chip in, would be interested to hear!