onLoadInit in class definition

Hey all, how’s it going. I have a quick question/minor problem with my code, and was wondering if any of you could enlighten me on the situation.

In a nutshell, here is the deal… I have a class that deals with image galleries and such, and in the constructor of my class

  function ImageGallery()
     _imgFullLoader = new MovieClipLoader();
     _imgFullListener = new Object();
     _imgFullListener.onLoadInit = function(targetMC:MovieClip):Void
  	   targetMC._x = targetMC._width * (_imgCount + 10);

The _imgCount variable is a number that I’ve declared, initialized to 0, and it is incremented each time a new image is loaded. The problem is, that within the onLoadInit code block, it is being treated as undefined. The
images load fine, but their x values remain constant, since _imgCount is treated as undefined. How do I make it to where onLoadInit can retrieve the true value of _imgCount within the class definition?

Thanks in advance. Talk to you later.