OnPress, tell target and with

I have a question about using tell target …

I have a plane (graphics) on the main timeline and I have placed some 2 movie clips on it. (say mcA and mcB). What I want is when I press on mcA, mcB will display a particular frame and stop.

I have used
‘OnPress’ in mcA and ‘with(mcB){…’
but its not working. I wonder if I can use tell target instead … Since mcA and mcB are on a plane (graphics) but not a movieclip, can I do something like

Can u post the fla and tell wat exactly ur trying to do?

At work at the moment, I will post the fla a bit later today. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

You don’t need to use tellTarget anymore in MX, it’s been deprecated… You should be able to use standard dot notation to target your movie clips. eg: _root.mymovie.clip

Thank you all, both methods works for me.
In fact what I missing was a “/” :stuck_out_tongue: