onRollOver & onRollOut problem

The below code does not work. Why? It won’t preform the deletion of the onEnterFrame MC or something. Read why for more info.

menuItems.hitpoint.onRollOver = function(){
    menuItems.holder._x = menuItems.alignShow._x;
    this._parent._parent.createEmptyMovieClip("troll", 1000);
    this._parent._parent.troll.onEnterFrame = function() {
        this._parent.menuItems.onRollOut = function(){
            menuItems.holder._x = menuItems.alignHide._x;
            delete this._parent.troll.onEnterFrame;

I have a MC that I’m reusing four times (sort of like a menu). I’m changing the text within each dynamically. All that is working. However, I want to be able to rollOver the title name (the text I mentioned a sentence a go) and then the rollOut be for the entire MC not just the hitpoint. Any ideas?