OOP planning help needed

Hi good people of Kirupa!

I’m struggling with something that should be fairly straight forward - planning my application in terms of OOP.

This is what I want to achieve:

  1. Load external XML data (contains a list of images with captions)
  2. Randomly select one of those images, and slide that image into view.
  3. Wait for 10 seconds
  4. Slide a ribbon in, across the screen
  5. Slide image caption in, atop of ribbon.
  6. Wait for another 10 seconds, then reverse the process
  7. When the reversed process is complete, start the process again. This time with a new image and caption

So far:
I have set a controller class that initializes a Slideshow and a Backend class. Backend gets the XML data, and passes that as an XMLList object to the controller class, which in turns passes that to the Slideshow class.

I’ve used the Tween class to animate that image sliding in (see step 2 above)… Is that the best way of doing things? Should I look into the Animator class instead?

Problem also consists of triggering the animations. Since I’ve used the Tween class I have to wait for the MOTION_FINISH event to occur, which isn’t always what I’d prefer. I guess I could work my way around that problem by using the Timer object?!. What is the best way to control chain animations (to simulate timeline animations).

I know all this sounds a bit vague, but if anyone have some thoughts on the matter I would be very grateful. Links to tutorials or forums etc would also be fantastic :smiley:

Thanks guys!!