"Timed" animation of dynamic movieclips

Hi all, i’m new to the forum, but been a regular visitor for some time… I guess I’ll start off by asking a question :slight_smile:

I am creating a xmlMenu based off the “SquirrelFinder” menu (a tut on this site). I understand the creation of dynamic clips, but am having a hard time animating them, since I don’t know much about Tween classes (or timers?) yet.

Here’s the deal:
I would like to fade or move each menu item in after it is created in a manner so that they appear one after another. If I just use the dynamic clip’s onEnterFrame function to increase alpha the problem is that the items appear to fade all at once as they are created almost instantly. I would like each item to “wait” for previous item to stop rolling in and then start rolling itself.

How would I go about this? :crying:

thanks a bunch… :angel: