OOP(s, I did it again) tutorial

So this one is getting big too. Lengthy and full of detail, especially for the absolute beginner, but far from complete. So Im thinking maybe throw out what I got so far and then add updates every week few days or so. Sound ok? Would you be up for that K? I plan on formatting the pages myself making it a little easier on your end (just throw them in the directory and create the link in the tutorial section of the site etc - each update just being adding/replacing files.)

In Word its about 28 pages long now (no embedded images) and I just got through basic inheritance stuff which is not quite up to half what I plan to cover in the end. It still might be a little while to get the first part of it up if its to be handled in this way - you know for the images and formatting and whatnot, but none the less…

ok well this has been on backburner for a while so I took some initiative and tried to crank on it some this weekend.

I really didnt -ADD- anything or really even -CHECK- anything else :ne: BUT I did throw in some images and source files and tagged it up in HTML. I used a template from some post somewhere … I guess its the right one :cyclops: though I dont think the head swf is right or that theres even a footer swf… but well thats what this post is for - to see if thats ok heh.

So on that, Kirupa, if theres anything I can do on my end to make it easier for you, I will. Im sure you’ll have your work cut out for you because of file referencing/template editing and whatnot, especially with the approx. 50 pages in this thing as of this point in time (ex being with the mini icons - might be incorrectly referenced from whereever this might live on the server - I would assume in its own directory - and I may or maynot have used relative referencing for them (-: ).

Here is the current setup:


Theres an index page listing each page in given sections. Each page then has a link to a next or previous page in that section as well as a link back to the index (something the 3d tut suffers, Ill work on that including this format in those pages and just send you the HTML so you can quickly upload those and update without much hassle).

The code is not in textareas. I wanted it to all be visible so avoided that, but at the same time I didnt want confusion with longer code wrapping in the width of the page so I use definition lists for indention and handled wrapping with css (wrapping indents slightly, though less than tabs making them a little more distinguishable as wraps and not new code lines). The only problem with this is that tabs/indention are not kept in copy/paste. Nothing Im concerned about though.

For the most part its about ready to go online except for the conclusion. Ill work on that maybe today or something this week. Even if its not perfect after that, updates/corrections can be pretty easily done once its up. I hope to get more flas and images in there. Just need the time to do them.

So, big thing here is just the format. Is it usable? Should I use another template?


Sen - this is excellent! I’ll have this and the rest of Ilyas’ Fractals tutorial updated shortly.

While we are at this, should a lot of the tutorials from the ActionScript section be moved to areas such as Flash MX Advanced/Special Effects? Stuff such as Fractals and OOP, 3D, etc. seem more AS-like than any thing else.


*Originally posted by kirupa *
**While we are at this, should a lot of the tutorials from the ActionScript section be moved to areas such as Flash MX Advanced/Special Effects? Stuff such as Fractals and OOP, 3D, etc. seem more AS-like than any thing else.

:stuck_out_tongue: **

Tough call. Where do apples belong? In the fruit basket or the food basket? Would it be too confusing to be in both? I actually always use the search option when looking for tutorials here because I have no idea which section any one would belong. A lot could be in any. Is that simple a matter of simply having a bunch of generalized tutorials or possibly poor planning in tutorial section division? Because I guess advanced could really cover every other section as well… just advanced examples :stuck_out_tongue: Thinking about it just …

3D could prolly go advanced and isometrics in AS me would thinks.
OOP would prolly go AS too.
Fractals is a hard one.

here are the ports of the 3 (complete) flash articals I had on the iNTERACTIVE site. Just divided them in two pages each. They all share the style sheet in the styles folder and the sen.gif in the images folder, so thats something to be aware of.