Open browser window without menus, toolbars etc

i have set a button in my flash movie to open a new browser window (with another flashmovie in it) without menus, toolbars etc which works fine.
however when i try to open another window from within this new window, using the same script, it opens inside itself and not the new window i want (??) please note: i am a beginner

Hey vern,
What you could do, is create another copy your javascript code from this URL:…window.asp and rename the name of the function. For example function Launch(page) could become function Another(page) and in Flash, under your getURL action, you refer to javascript:Another…

You basically create another exact copy of the file with the code named differently. I believe there is another method of re-using the same code for all the buttons, but I am forgetting how it is done at this very moment.