Open New Window with adjusted size HELP!


I tried to go thru’ your instructions using Get URL and putting the java script but I think I’m not doing it correctly, it simply doesn’T adjust to its own size. You can see the stuff on my website to give you a better idea what I mean.

I have a main flash movie for the index page called inverse.swf, on that main movie it has Photo swf as a sub movie, if you click Photo button. hence it will lead to sub swf movie(photo.swf), if you click pix which says Ripple the separate browser in width 440 height 325 should show up, but instead it shows up in huge browser instead. Like you said on your site, I tried to use Get URL and put the script as


but what I got confused about was if I needed to publish the Photo.swf, since that is the movie it has the button. I did publish the Photo.swf to html, and added your javascript, but when I tried to see it on the net nothing shows up. So what I did later on was instead putting


I put
on (release) {
getURL(“Ripple.html”, “_blank”);

and instead of publishing the Photo.swf, I published Ripple.swf to html and added your javascript there instead, and as you can see the image does show up, but the browser size hasn’t been adjusted.
I dunno how I can adjust the browser size for the flash movie. it seems simple, but its not working. I can send you the fla. and html if you need to check them. hope anyone can answer to my question soon!!!

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Did you try this tutorial? launch a pop up window

You can specify the height and width of the window that is launched.


thank you for the reply, I have been sorted!
feel much better :slight_smile:


Good deal then. :thumb: