Open Water

All I have to say is this was the absolute worst movie I’ve ever seen…

all it has is nudity, cussing, and dead people

why would anybody wanna see this :h:

The only person I know other than you who saw it said it was, “Weak.”

Doesn’t sound very wholesome to me.

I thought it was pretty good. the story and writing was different, something we need a TON more of in American cinema.

and the problem is…??? :h:

all it is, is a true story. real life sucks:P

I knew somebody was gonna say that…

yep, and Im still wondering whats the problem…

but whats the plot of the movie?!?!

after seeing it, my only conclusion is that it’s too scare you :huh:

I could’ve told you it would suck before it came out… low budget movies aren’t always great.

i read a comical review on the movie which made me not want to see it.

I think my newspaper just really sucks, they gave it three stars, more than starsky and hutch which made my dad want to see it alot…

and the food reviewer guy only talks about calamari in his reviews :h: