Opening a new flash browser from Dreamweaver

I’m having an issue, I can get dreamweaver to open a flash browser but when it does open the browser plays the flash movie but the original screen also plays the movie as well, is there anyway I can stop this???

Maybe I am just being a dunce, but may I ask what you mean by Flash Browser?

I’m sorry Browser Window containing flash content.

Ok, are you talking a new window, or a pop-up window containing a Flash Movie?

Also, what code are you currently using to launch?

For this one I didn’t write any code, you can open a window and empliment a flash sniffer right from the behaviors panel in dreamweaver.

Ok, I just tested that and had no problems. My goto page loaded in the same window.

My next question is, the Dreamweaver Flash Sniffer only allows you to load your page in the default _self (main window), and it doesn’t allow you to pop up your window.

Did you make any modifications to the script to have it open a window?

There’s another option on the list “Open Browser Window” that allows you to select the size of the window. Try it out

Well there is your problem right there.

The flash sniffer only works for the page you are currently loading, so it will load the page in the main window.

The browser window function opens a browser window when the page is loaded to the URL you specify. That is why it loads both at the same time.

You need to put the flash sniffer code on the page that actually contains the flash movie. Then you can put the browser window code on the main html page.