Opening an SWF inside a flash movie


I made a program in flash with my basic skills about 1 year ago. The program ended up being a very large fla as I have no real programming skills to know how to data base. I am at a point were I really need to lighten the size of the file and was wondering if there was a way to make the main part of the program one fla and make the menu buttons open separate swf’s in a folder into a designated window . If there is a tutorial that anyone knows of or any body has the time or time for hire, I would really appreciate it. I have looked quite a bit over the last few weeks and am still stuck. Thanks

The full site tutorial and this thread were very helpful. I’ve been trying to add a second navigation level which works perfect for the first swf (index) but not for the following ones, which all have second navigation levels which are different from the one in index.

Anybody out there with some experience or samples???