Opening animation

i was wondering if anyone could tell me how to deal with this:
I have an intro animation on the home page that plays through and stops.It is called through loadMovie(); When the user clicks on the home button from another part ofnthe site, the animation plays again each time. All I want is to have the animation play once at the beginning and leave the last frame of the animation in place for the rest of the user’s time at my site no matter how many times he clicks the home button. I originally load the movie from the timeline’s first frame with loadmovie("…swf,“theclip”);
I tried various things like using unLoadMovie() and then loading a jpg into the movie movie clip but so far it seems resistant to do anything but play over and over again.
Thanks for taking the time to view this post.


it sounds like you’re doing this…

main timeline:

and then with the button:

except you want the button to only play the last frame of home.swf? correct me if i’m wrong.

why not just put the intro animation into it’s own swf=>intro.swf. then you could just have home.swf be the one frame.

Hey, thanks a lot for your good response!
Actually, I’m set up like this:
frame 1 action:
loadMovie(“flashIntro.swf”, “flashIntroContainer”);
Then the movie plays then stops on the last frame

Home button:
on (release){
So of course the movie loads again and plays. I thought that:
on (release){

would do the trick. What is wrong with my thinking here?
I wasn’t quite clear on your solution. Would mind explaining again in the context of what I just explained?
Thanks so much.

if you are just loading everything in one frame, you can take out the gotoAndStop(1); more importantly, target your unloadMovie function.

[AS]on (release){

i think that should work.

thanks again, bwh2.
I followed your script and I got the exact results I wanted for the home button except that it only works in the first frame on the home page. When I click that same home button on frame 10 or other frame of the movie,
flashintroContainer.loadMovie( “flashIntro.swf”)
action on the first frame overrides the
on the button and the animation begins again.
Is there any way to target the timeline in :flashintro.swf " itself located inside the container mc and manipulate it that way?
Any other suggestions I can try? I really appreciate your time with this. Thanks a lot!


ok. i see what you’re saying. but i’m confused about why you have multiple frames in your main movie (ie, why do you need the gotoAndstop(1) for the button?). it sounds like you’re a bit new to flash, so i think you’re confused on something:

when you have a main movie, let’s say main.swf. and you have a container within it (flashIntroContainer), which you load flashintro.swf into. if you have 75 frames in flashintro.swf, you do not need 75 frames in main.swf. just one frame in main.swf will suffice if you have a stop(); command in it.

this can be helpful b/c you don’t have a multitude of frames in your main.swf, so things are more organized and cleaner.

Hi again bwh2,
Sorry to be so unclear.I’m not new to Flash just non-talented! If you still have any energy left for this, would take a quick look at the unfinished url? in two seconds I’m sure you’'l see the problem and solution. I should have suggested this earlier. Don’t feel obligated but here is my (99% bad) flash url:
I just uploaded it so I hope you can find it.
Thanks again