Opening Splash

If I want to create an opening to my site as the result of a button (Ie. A splash page where the user has to click on a enter button) would I have to make that opening into a movie clip. How would I go about doing this. As in how I would assemble the movie clip into the main timeline.

The way I see it now I guess is that I would have to put this opening into a movie clip and create a button that tells the movie clip to play. Although after this opening movie loads I want it to go right into the actual site. I’m sure there must be a simple way to organize all this, but I’m still learning some flash basics so any help on this is greatly appreciated.

What I would suggest is making a seperate HTML page, that is if you want animation in your splash. Otherwise, if its something like…
then, yes, it is a movie clip or a button. Post reply, and I’ll see what I can help you with :slight_smile:

Theres a couple ways to do what you want, I’ll list some possibilities and you can choose which is best for you.

  1. Make a seperate movie with the intro or button and put that on a seperate html page to serve as your splash page. So when a user clicks on the button, it goes to another html page that contains your main movie. You can apply this action to the button:
on(release) {
	getURL("yourmainpage.html", "_blank");
  1. You can add another scene to your existing movie where you would place the button. The new scene would be infront of your main scene. So you can apply this action to your button:
on(release) {

I hope that helps. =)

Thanks for the very prompt replies guys. Since the entire thing is going to be done in Flash MX I think I’ll go with your second suggestion electrongeek and put the opening Button/Splash into a separate scene. Thanks again.

Oh one other thing, do you guys know of any tutorials that explains how to create that movement effect you guys have on your little flash animated signatures.

Check the special effects section of this site for flash mx, heres the link: