Opinions of unfinsihed site

Okay this is sorta probably going to get me a lot of people tellin me I am not the smartest guy in the world… but here is how it is:
A while back( like, months ago!) I heard of this project that my teacher said this woman needed a site for, using a database. I know php/mysql (now I feel confident enough to say up front I can do what someone wants; may not be the fastest, but I know it well enough); at the time though, I felt very unsure, but said I would take the job. I met with the woman; she had also found some other woman from another school; we all met a few times regularley (sp?) and, well, I felt this other woman, although she had more school than I, didn’t know what she was doing. She wanted to use CF and Access, as that is what she knew; I had looked into CF when deciding on what dynamic language to learn, and saw that it seemed more pricey than PHP/mysql, and didn’t seem something we really needed for such a small site.
Oh the site is lke, sort of a moving company, they organize the move for people, they don’t do the move themselves, jsut contract out I guess. Well I was still unsure of myself so I sort of kept quite; besides, they decided that I would do design and she would do the programming (which to me seems dificult, but then again I’ve never made a site for someone; it jsut seems that I can’t do much more than show them a layout, and I’m thinking they wanted like, every page… but without content…) so I made this a page, showed them, worked a bit more… at any rate, I am not entirely happy with it all, and the time keeps draggin out. I have decided to TRY to simply do it all myself, bet I could get the DB part done maybe in a couple weeks with some hard work…
What I need now is for you kurupians to please tell me where I have gone wrong with this site, what may be good, and maybe how to please this person better, as I am SO VERY new to all this.
Oh and for some reason she keeps telling me, although they have DSL or some constant connection, she can never check her mail… whatever… makes it hard to communicate.
the banner is temporary, the stupid mule on the right I took from them, need to rework that… but look at what it was before! egad!
I think I have helped lots so far heh
thanks guys, know it was long but…