Optimization Techniques

Hey guys… it’s me again… I think this is the last question I have for a while.

What techniques can be taken to optimize a site?.. I want it to be efficent on size. I have provided a link to a current project as an example… I’m not looking for critique of the site. It just serves as an example for you to see what I’m currently working with.

Example Project

How do the big name sites stay optimized (like 2advanced.com and liquidchrome.com)? By the looks and the amount of graphical content these sites should be huge.

How much is to much and what do I minimize?.. This is primarily a Flash forum… You guys collectivelly are some of the most knowledgable people around concering this piece of software… So I appreciate your input and help.


Streaming and file optimization techniques for Flash Player.

Awesome!.. Thanks for your time.


You’re welcome. :wink: