Newbee here…
Could anybody tell if there are compatibility problems with OS and Windows for showing certain swf files?
I made this picture gallery with scrolling thumbnails which open up seperate small slideshows with cross fade between the slides.
It works perfect on the several pc’s I’ve tested, but all mac’s wont show the pictures. - externally loaded.

Is this a mac/pc problem :h: or am I doing something wrong in the code?

Can anybody help?


It won’t show the pics in on Safari (don’t know which OS…)

ooo thats Mac OSX

OS just means operating system. Windows is Windows OS - Windows Operating System. Just saying OS means nothing.

Thx, but know that…:slight_smile:

What I mean is: is there a difference with how Mac and Pc’s handle flash files?
(which have indeed a different OS…)

'cause the problem I have is that the website I’m working on seems to work fine looked at from a pc. But people who tested it from a mac couldn’t see the large pictures in the gallery.
Now I don’t know if it’s a mac problem or a problem with my file.

Do you have experience with this and/or have advice?