OS X + flash bugs driving me mad

About a month ago I had some problems with Flash Debug Player 10, where the browser would freeze, and I would need to force quit the application. Long story short, this affected Dreamweaver, Flash, etc. and I tried every possible fix I could find on Google, to no avail. I ended up having to reinstall my whole Mac.

Now the same thing starts to happen today. I’ve been really careful with what I’ve installed since this happened, but today I ran updates for Flex Builder 3 and Illustrator to bring them up to the latest version. The only strange thing I noticed was that after the update, Flex Builder was relaunched with a second icon in the Dock, no idea if that has any significance whatsoever.

So now I’m having problems while debugging the application I’m working on, Firefox and Safari will lock up, requiring force quit. If I try to restart the browser after that, for instance gmail will freeze up, as does Dreamweaver on the welcome page ( works fine before the flash crash happens ). It’s beyond me what’s going on, but I don’t see the point in reinstalling everything again, since it’s apparent that it may occur again.

I’m not sure if the Flex Builder patch is the culprit, but I’ve only used Mac for a few months, so I’m not that familiar with the system. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling (also Flash player 9). The problem just persists. Also tried fixing disk permissions and deleting settings from library. This is just driving me nuts, and I’ve already lost a whole day of work.

If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.