Ok, so I have received a spare box, it currently has no OS, so I need to choose what to run, I dont really want another windows as I already have a spare windows, and so I was thinking of a linux distro.

Specs that I know:
500mHz (I think I can get a 700MHz one though
365mb of ram but I think I can boost it to 512MB.

SO what should I get:
I already have the disc for Red Hat Fedora 2.
I was thinking of Ubuntu but I am open to all opinions :smiley:

I used Ubuntu two versions ago and it was awesome then, so I imagine it’s even better now.

well I was thinking Ubuntu but i dont know the system requirements or anything :frowning:

OR, anyone got a copy of Goobuntu?

Ubuntu is the way to go or Suse 10 or Novell :wink:

well Suse isnt free so I guess its ubuntu for me, but can I use appache, PHP and MySQL with it?

Absolutely. I think it even comes with those installed. PHP does for sure, I’m not positive on the other two.

goobuntu is opensource too, right? if so, download the iso in the official site;)
yes, i would use ubuntu too:)

Check out Xubuntu actually, it’s made for slower machines.




ZOMG!!! Use h4x0r Mac OSx86… or Vista :pope:

ubuntu. that is all.

Does this not belong in the Computer forum?

Ubuntu. Or Debian if you’re 1337.

Come on people!

Real men run Gentoo. Gentoo lets you compile exactly what you need so every package runs optimal for your specific machine. It’s a little hard to set up though. www.gentoo.org

Ubuntu is for n00bs!

My opinions are biased since I’m a computer science major

You can compile packages for any Linux distribution if you download the source packages, just like in Gentoo. This applies to Ubuntu and Debian.

Gentoo simply requires this. It’s not unique in allowing it.


ok, does a 512bm of ram, 500MHz processor count as slow? I think I might get ubuntu as I want goobuntu just cant find it anywhere, I think they only released it inside google, and so yeah, Ill start with that, when I get bored just change to a more complex distro.

ok, before I head in for the night, I have a list of questions,

Is my system counted as slow(512mb ram, 500MHz processor)?
Do you know where I can get goobuntu?
Are there any other linux distros I should get, if so please explaion why that one?
Am I the bestest guy ever now that I have over 1,000 posts?

I don’t think goobuntu even exists… I’m betting it was just rumor. If so, I’m betting it’s very secret and private.

Some popular distros you might try if you don’t like Ubuntu:

[list][]Debian (Ubuntu is based on this… it’s quite nice)
]Gentoo (difficult to install, though)
[]Fedora Core (sponsored by Red Hat… very easy to install with Anaconda)
]openSUSE/SUSE (openSUSE is free+open-source, SUSE isn’t; both have YaST, which is a nice package tool)[/list]

Goobuntu is real, I tell you, both the sponsor of Ubuntu and google itself declared of its existance,

I have fedora core 2 already, well not installed just the install discs, I used it before it was nice, so I am gonna work my way through all the distros now until I find a really nice customizeable one.