osCommerce Developer / Programmer for Hire


Working on programming osCommerce developments from Canada, new clients are always welcome to send their specifications to us for a quote. With over 4 years development experience with osCommerce / CRE exclusively ( 6 years PHP/MySQL ), we can bring your online shop from an idea into a fully functional on line shop.

We offer custom coding of functions, contribution installation/modifications and a large selection of pre made layouts already installed in the cart system (s) at our online store ( http://www.systemsmanager.net?ID=3 ).

We only work on the osCommerce system and have gained a vast knowledge of the system, as well we have a large amount of specific functions already made which are not available elsewhere.

Rates are competitive, based on North America rates for professional programming services.

If you require any customization services for your osCommerce or CRE system, we offer the following:

  1. travel / booking engine for hotel services based on osCommerce

  2. restaurant / local delivery system for small business owners

  3. supported hosting for osCommerce / CRE with competitive pricing

  4. professional layouts installed and sold in addition to our graphics work.

References and examples of past work are available.

If you are interested in a multi site/store vendor based system, we have developed the oscMall system. We are continuously updating our GPL virtual mall and are releasing the oscMall System for free to the general public. This system is based on the osCommerce system, but adds the additional feature for multiple vendors all able to run their own shop under the mall system.

The oscMall System can be downloaded on the site <http://download.systemsmanager.net> (must make an account on our forums) or at Source Forge (oscMall system).

Please feel free to supply feedback or look for support at our forum site <http://forum.systemsmanager.net>.

A demo/test site for the oscMall System can be found at <http://demo.systemsmanager.net>

Also, we are always looking for knowledgeable PHP/MySQL programmers who are interested in work with the osCommerce software ( both paid and unpaid ).

Come and see what can be achieved with professionals working with your firm.


Peter McGrath

SystemsManager Technologies

www.systemsmanager.net <http://www.systemsmanager.net>

icq 707923

msn/yahoo [email protected] (for both)

email [email protected]