Our World Will End in Year ****

I saw on Discovery channel, that in year 2050 the earth will have bad weather and storms and Tornados…etc !
No body can hide or run away from it !!!

I think its the “Time” LOL

In the Bibel it said I think im not sure ! =
That when God will come it will happen these things and He will appear after that ! Im not sure but I will ask in churche and se.

Oh man ! See you in Kirupa forum in heven or Hell !

hehe - I strongly doubt it. I think 1857 (or somewhere around that) was a day when the earth was supposed to die. I think the Suicide Comet Club (not their real name lol) thought that one of the comets (Haley I think) would redeem them if they all killed themselves.

I’ll make sure to bump this thread for you in 2050 blastboy!

Kirupa :alien:

In the year 2525… no, wait. That’s a song.

Nevermind :wink:

you’ll never hear the end of “the end is near.”

Ive been hearing it my whole life like others before me and so far it hasnt happened :wink: I doubt 2050 will be any different. If not, at least Ill be old enough then not to care as much :beam:

yeah man i dont think this is the end

Well considering I have a time machine and I’ve been past the year 3000, I don’t think the world ended in 2050. But i’ll check if you really want me to. Just need you to supply me with some plutonium to power it. Don’t wanna waste my plutonium to figure something out for you :).

anybody else noticed how sensationalist the Discovery Channel has become? They used to be about facts, now they will portray certain possiblities as facts…

Just another cable channel now… with a bent towards science… but still sensationalist…

too bad…



LOL I KNOW something that im not sure of !


Check it out click HERE

Friday, December 6, 2075

that gives me all the time i need to do everything i want to in life. lol :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s always a geek somewhere that says the end of the earth is near. I read this in 1999, 2000, 2001… never happened. Also, I don’t belive one thing of that Nostradamus fruit cake. There are so many different translations and conclusions, it’s absurd.

I will live for roughly 1,933,920,224 more seconds…


…oh wait… that crazy carp already happened…
What crazy things are we talking about not?

not too bad… I am going to die on Wednesday, May 7, 2070 - I figure that’s plenty long enough :slight_smile:

lol its funny, keep clicking it. it gives different dates…hahah

*Originally posted by SureShot *
**not too bad… I am going to die on Wednesday, May 7, 2070 - I figure that’s plenty long enough :slight_smile: **

Could be less, could be more.

Your decision.


Phil, Plutonium? psh! Havent you learned anything in Dictator School? Water is the new Plutonium, and you can drink it, so its win win…

Hmmm. Sounds like a pretty good deal Phil. Will this Death Ray just be used for “defense”? Or will it be used to conquer the world?

:slight_smile: Awww come on Phil… where’s the fun in that?! My gillywasher…

At least take out a couple of third world countries and state that it’s done in peace… It’ll make great spectations on great holiday events… :slight_smile:

btw… When the world ends… You won’t know about it ahead of time… if you did… You’d actually gte a chance to save your own ***… Psssh… Who wants that? lol

Stop worrying about the future possibilities… Makes for ulcers and cancur sores…