Outlines look fuzzy

Hi all,

Why is it when ever I draw a shape, whether it be a square or circle, with an outline, the outline looks fuzzy and not crisp. I’ve made sure the shape had whole values for size and x,y placement, just like you would do with text and when I look at it at 100% it look bad. Any suggestions,

Thanks LOTW

That is from the anti-aliasing that Flash does. Anti-Aliasing smoothes out the line so its not choppy and ugly. If you use a straight line, you should not get this fuzzy look. To create a straight line you the line tool (works with the shape too also) and hold SHIFT, then drag.

Thanks, lostinbeta :slight_smile:

That works for squares and such, but is there a trick I can do with circles, to get them to be less fuzzy? Specifically the outlines…

Thanks, LOTW

Unfortunately no, I don’t know of a way to get crisp lines on my circles. I usually end up removing the outline on circles.