Overlayed flash DIV dropdown menu, oh yeah

Allright, time for me to get some help here.

Imagine a typical horizontal navigation bar, just a series of buttons. This menu is made in flash. This menu is around 22px in height. Above it is a flash header, and below it is a container DIV displaying typical content text in plain html/css.

Now, this menu needs a few dropdown boxes. The buttons/text are all controlled via xml. Within this xml structure I’ve added nodes for additional buttons for the dropdown boxes.

Is it possible to expand this navigation bars height to accomodate the dropdown boxes, and display them over the rest of the site, while maintaining interactivity with the content below it? So far I’ve made a dummy menu with one expanded box, overlaying the site. this works, no problems there, but the content below the menu_container div is, of course, not interactive anymore, as the flash object is blocking all clicks etc. to the content below it.