Flash dropdown over top of HTML?


My question is this: Can I create an html website with a flash navigation that has a dropdown menu that works like a normal Java dropdown... like the ones on this page for example.... so basically, the flash is overlapping the frame or table...?

Thank you in advance,


Yes… you can make a div overlay the content, and make the flash movie transparent. That should work.

would you be able to create a very simple example of this for me? I’m not sure how to create a div overlay… Thank you…

I’ll try kicking it out after I get off work. I’ve not done this but… it all makes sense to me… :slight_smile:

Here ya go pal… you can see the stuff in action here:


view it in IE cause I didn’t make it all browser compliant… but that’s something you can do.

and you can d/l the source here:

have fun