Package import not working

Hi i had created 1 folder and name it “S” and inside 1 fla is there and code goes like this

package s {
import flash.display.Sprite;
import flash.text.TextField;
public class Suplemental_1 extends Sprite
private var tField:TextField;
public function Suplemental_1 ()
public function thisTest ():void
tField = new TextField();
tField.autoSize = “left”;
tField.background = true;
tField.border = true;
tField.x = 200;
tField.y = 200;
tField.text = “Hello You, what is your name?”;

but m getting 1 erorr as package cant b nested , i dont knw d reason ,
i want to execute the code , so plz help and do i req to do cretian change in path