Online portfolio. Work in (slow) progress. Check it out, tell me what you think…


p.s. Having problems with blurry bitmap fonts. Feel like I’ve tried everything. Any suggestions?

your images are very nice. portfolio would not load for me and contact was a big download with no indication that anything was happening (ie, no viewer feedback that anything was going on)

as to your bitmap fonts, I guess you have them on whole numbers and that if they are in movieclips, the mcs have not been resized. sometimes I have to copy another block of text that is sharp and replace the problem text. also, don’t use kerning

Yeah, I don’t know what to do about my fonts… I feel as though I’ve tried everything and I’m still having problems…

The portfolio section didn’t load because there’s nothing there yet. I’m trying to work out all the bugs before I move on.

Maybe you can help me with another problem I’m having: I’m using the loadmovie action to load external swf’s into a blank movieclip on my main timeline. The first movie loads in correctly but when I load any movie after that it seems to pop back to my main timeline for a second before loading. You can see this happen if you go to the contacts section and then back home. The home you see first is the original on the main timeline and then after a second the other homepage loads in. (I made a second homepage because the first is actually the last scene in my main timeline and I didn’t want the user to see the opening animation again when returning home.)

Thanks for your reply…


set your view percentage to 100%.

and adjust the position of the x and y of the font.
by the decimal.

Most of the times when a pixel font is place inside a MC. Don’t set it to whole numbers. Usually x = X.5 y = X.5 works for me… ( x=x.5 y=x.5 , x=x.3 y=x.7 [vice versa]. These work for me.)
Keep adjusting the decimal values, and you’ll be able to adjust it correctly.

Also, about your other problem. How exactly are you loading the movies?.. Are you using a target window to place your movies in?.. more details please.

I believe I have my X and Y coordinates set correctly and I’m still having problems with the fonts. I downloaded some fonts from FontsForFlash which didn’t work either. I’ve been told that these fonts should work even when anti-aliased but they don’t seem to. Should I put them in a text field and embed them? I think Flash will anti-alias them in that case, giving me the same blurry results.

As for my loadmovie problem: I placed a blank movieclip on my main timeline and named the instance of it “blankhost.” Then set my button with a loadmovie actionscript where I set it to “target” and the name of my movieclip instance. It seems to work fine except when one movie replaces another it flips back to the main timeline for a sec, showing the background image of that timeline. Makes sense really, being that the blank movieclip is on the main timeline. There’s got to be some work-around for it though… I’ve seen other people use this method and it works…

Thanks for your reply!


Pixel fonts dont work antialised.

Ok, why don’t you post a sample FLA file for me. I’ll fix it, and add the comments explaining it. That’ll be the easiest way.

Cool, I would appreciate that. If you have time, and if you think of it, check back tomorrow and I’ll have posted an fla. I’m at work right now and don’t have access to my files.



hey p13, just saw that you are from montreal, i’m from quebec originally.

my site uses almost all fontsforflash fonts without problem.

once you post your flas, i will look too

I could have sworn I was listening to something similar on my computer right before I saw your site… is that future loop foundation? if not, who plays the song on your site?

whose music? p13 or subquark? mine is made with Sonic Foundry’s Acid Loops. It’s easy and pretty affordable.

lookie here - $69.99

I meant p 13

The music on my site is a loop I made from a Bonobo track. My girlfriend owns the label Ninja Tune here in Montreal, so lucky me I get to use all kinds of great music…

Unfortunately I was unable to upload my fla last night for you to check out. Hopefully tonight (I’ll make a new post so you can find it easily).

Thanks a lot for helping out…