Paint Program

Hi, how is everybody…I wanted to know how I can make a paint program (like in Nick Jr .com or other kids sites). I have intermediate knowledge of As and have created something similar to the tutorial in kirupa. clicking a color patch which in turn changes the color of another object. Now I want to click on an a color patch and then click on a graphic and change that graphics color…LIke if there is a graphic of a little boy and u have clicked on the blue color patch, u can click his hair and it will turn blue or u can click his shirt and that will also turn blue…So its kinda like storing the color value in a variable and having each part of the boys body as a separate object. .Anybody’s actionscript help will be great!


try INSTANCENAME.setRBG(0x000000); (last 6 zeros are your hex code for color)

I have a simple example of that here

basically every portion you want to change color needs to be its own movieclip. Setting all that up (especially if a complex image) is the hard/tedious part. The programming isnt so bad