Pano Shot

I just wanted to share -

Wifey and I just returned from vacation to Ocean City, MD for a
few days. Here’s the view we had from our room.

This took 18 shots and 4hrs to put together. It was a great time,
great place to stay. (super-large image - 800k download)

how did you “stitch” it?

very nice BTW


just photoshop. it needs some tweeking, but i’m really happy
with the result anyway. =)

whoa, nice pic :slight_smile:

and welcome back UF! :love:

that’s why it took you 4 hours…

photostitcher would have done it in about 2 minutes…

very nice for photoshop.


yeah, i know it took a long time, but it wouldn’t have been
’authentic.’ :wink: And some of the coloration is off between shots, so
I wanted to doctor them myself.

thx guys =)

a client/friend of mine does this all the time. and he knows nothing about PS… I barely have him using FW to batch process for upload to the web…

[size=1]I’m currently redoing his site…again[/size]


i cant even see where you stictched them together. great shot, must have been loads of fun, the ocean always is!

looks awsome :slight_smile:
i want a poster like that in my room!

That is an excellent shot my friend.

The building sittin there in the middle looks amazing. I don’t know what it is but it’s great.

Congrats on your talent =)

*Originally posted by xxviii *
The building sittin there in the building looks amazing.
Hehehe look what you said :bad:

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lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Ooh, nice :thumb: Must’ve been hard wioth those people walking around :stuck_out_tongue:

thx for the comments.

there was some editing that went into the beach and the
intersection parts cuz of the movement. in one shot there’d be a
car there and the next it would be down the street! kinda funny,
but it worked out.

On the beach, there is a guy running and was in 4 of the shots
before I edited it. =)

I’m thinking of getting it printed in a nice size pic for sure.

hehe, hey UF, I freshened up on my stamping skills with your pic, hope u don’t mind :slight_smile:

see how many metal drums I removed on the beach :stuck_out_tongue:

Long time no speak Unflux… :frowning: Glad to see you back though =)

Excellent picture, I love the panorama look, aside from color tones and a few little areas the images are very well put together :thumb:

Hey Eilsoe you gave me an idea, why doesn’t someone hide something in the picture and everyone has to find it :beam:

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Like nekkid 28?

No :sure: